well, its now 2019

Hello! i can't believe i have not posted in over a year. well oaky i can. time flies. this year my plans are to move to Cone 5 with my work. still firing in little Skutt the Slutt, i am preparing to purchase elements, raw materials and buckets so i can get to mixing up some new glazes. i am really hoping this process makes me more inspired by my pots. i feel like they just are not conveying the same energy that they could if they were more stoneware. anyway! i am excited for whats happening. we moved to Daybreak, still in the Salt Lake City valley. but out here i have the garage and i wired for the kiln. hoping to be a lot more productive since the kiln is not a 20 minutes drive! ~~ excited about this year and what is to come. my hopes are to get out there more and get more of my pieces into loving homes! i really need to market myself better. i make great pots, and i know that. i just need to learn how to sell them! haha ... here is to growing, and stumbling through this beautiful thing called life. thank you for following along with me.

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