Broken Kiln :(

Been cooking, cooking, and more cooking.

Burnin burnin burnin in this little Kiln!

I have definitely been busy.

“Skutt the Slutt” gave me “error 1” today . :( which is an error reading that he is not climbing in temp fast enough. Sure enough, a relay went bad! I tested by first, UNLOADING the entire kiln (ugh) then re firing it up to about 800 degrees farenheight. At this temperature the coils are glowing hot enough that yu can see if they are working or not. And half were not :(

So called and ordered two new ones. Might as well change them both while I am at it. – Also got a new wiring kit to replace the old wires. So he better be feeling a lot better after this comes in the mail!

Heal quick Skutt the Slutt!!

#kiln #relay #wiring #ceramics #art #sale #passion #order #skatetheslutt #skutt #clay #porcelain #cooking #burning #firing #broken

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