Couple months in my personal studio, LOVE it.

Well, its been a few months living down here in the desert of Las Vegas!

I have to admit, first couple months were really hard! But having my own studio, kiln and amazing husband has helped me through it.

“Skutt the Slutt” is going strong. He needed a new face panel because a couple of the lights were out making it hard to read. I called Skutt and they said a new panel was almost $250!! I was about to say it isn’t worth the price, ( I could deal with a couple lights being out ) when the Skutt representative offered to send me a floor model, free of charge!! I LOVE their customer service. They are always so prompt, and expedite everything! Knowing that artist is a profession, not just a hobby. – So my husband wired it I for me (THANK YOU!) and little Skutt is happy as ever!

He has been amazing for doing fast firings, since he is smaller he heats up and cools pretty damn quick. And I love it.

#text #kiln #skutt #lasvegas #desert #inspiration #happy #love #ceramics #art #artist #handmade #carleygil

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