Little Skutt

Bought my first kiln!

He may be little, he may be old, but DAMN! he is looking good!

I have been searching forums and classifieds looking for used electric kilns for my studio. I walked across this little guy and jumped on it!

He is a little smaller than I first pictured myself buying, but he will be perfect for those quick firings!

I am used to having all the kilns at Southern Utah University ( SUU ) so it is a little jarring to go down to one, teensy tiny electric kiln. I sure am going to miss the wood kiln, salt and soda firings, and that big updraft gas kiln! But “Skutt the Slutt” is going to help my woes.

I will give you all an update when I am a few months down the road. I am sure this tough guy is going to go strong for me.

#photo #kiln #skutt #ceramics #clay #make #new #buy #art #handmade #artist #carleygil #happy #studio

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