Handmade one of a kind ceramic pipe. 

See photos for dimensions.
If you have any questions, please Send me a message! 


**For tobacco use only**

Tobacco Pipe

$45 Regular Price
$35Sale Price
  • ***Clean Pipe Regulary!***


    Cleaning : 

    1. Remove any loose debris from pipe.
    2. Put isopropyl alcochol and salt in a ziplock bag.
    3. Let pipe soak in bag for 10 Minutes. 
    4. Shake bag and work the mixture inside the pipe.
    5. Remove pipe from bag and rinse well.
    6. Repeat If Necesary.

    **For tobacco use only**

    do not allow pipe to go fast heat changes. Thermal shock can cause cracking and shattering.

    (Ex, do not plop a cold pipe into boiling water, instead slowly bring pipe and water to temp at the same time)


  • By purchasing this pipe you agree and confirm that you are of legal age to purchase tobacco pipes in your state. You also confirm that this pipe is legal for sale in your area. You assume any and all liability if you breach this confirmation. All items are intended for tobacco use only.